In questa pagina è possibile trovare una descrizione del programma SID dell’ AAVSO,  al quale,  la prima proposta di programmi osservativi per il settore Radioastronomia presentata , indirizza i suoi obbiettivi.

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    Hi Tim and all yes, there is an exoplanet that is wihtin our capabilities. It orbits a 9th magnitude star in Ursa Major. It has a rather eccentric orbit and a transit will occur next on January 13-14th, 2010. Ingress starts around 5:30PM and ends at about 2AM. I think that it would be worth a try! The planet is identified as HD80606b. We need to hit about 1% precision in the light measurement. I think that maybe some continuous averaging of data, with many frames in series would be useful (albeit a lot of work). The big folks are looking for data so maybe we can help if the sky is clear!

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