L’osservazione visuale delle meteore

Enrico Stomeo

I. - Sezione Meteore

Nota tratta dall’ Almanacco UAI © 1986 - IVa Edizione

L’articolo contiene indicazioni di base per compiere osservazioni visuali in forma
standardizzata, raccogliendo tutti i dati utili

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  1. Pati ha scritto:

    hi, Thanks for the well wishes! I’m alayws very touched when people tell me that my blog is one of their favourites. My FOTD photos are completely not retouched. I don’t even adjust the lighting on them! So what you see is what the makeup really looks like on me. hi Nina,I read many beauty blogs as well, and unfortunately it seems like almost every blog attracts its share of immature and rude haters. It’s sad that there are people out there who have nothing better to do than sit around and attack bloggers just to see if they can get a reaction. When I get such hateful comments (like they call my pores “disgusting”), I just laugh at the atrocious level of their spelling and grammar. Well, this is the Internet and karma’s a bitch :-) hi zhenling,Glad to hear that you find the FOTDS useful. I’m quite the foundation junkie, as you can probably see. Always on the search for the next great foundation! hey Maya, I have dealt with oily skin issues all of my adult life and know how incredibly frustrating it can be. If I had perfect skin, I wouldn’t even wear foundation at all! Really glad to hear that you find the posts useful. hey Angeline,Wow, thanks for following the blog all these years! I really appreciate it. Sure, I’ll include close-ups of the eye makeup when I do FOTD posts, although there will probably still be times when I only do EOTD shots. hey Justine,Yes, I use the BdK Eye Fantasists as the bases before layering powder eyeshadows over them. The shimmer in the Eye Fantasists is really intense and sparkly, but oh so pretty! It’s a pity that the brand is not promoted more in Singapore. I didn’t get more sponges for the Lancome foundation as I didn’t even know that they sell those. But given the paltry amount of product in the pot, I think it will last at most two or three months with daily use. hi hisa,Thank you, that’s such a sweet comment! Hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog. I don’t write the blog because I think my makeup is perfect but rather because makeup is my hobby and I greatly enjoy sharing it with others :-) hey AhCapp,Totally agree with you. I alayws tell my friends who have perfect poreless skin that they do not need any makeup because their skin looks stunning as it is. hi shopaholic,Thank you, glad to hear that you find the blog useful!

  2. ridhzekxxck ha scritto:

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