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In una settimana la chioma della Holmes ha praticamente raddoppiato il suo diametro.

Dove arriverà ?

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  1. Leatrice ha scritto:

    What a joy to find such clear thniknig. Thanks for posting!

  2. vxzzsugcz ha scritto:

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  3. wjnthjyafif ha scritto:

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  4. Arshad ha scritto:

    don’t you think the gaming idrtsuny could make MORE money if they expanded their target audience? Why do you think the sims is so popular? its an equal opportunity game. I’m a girl who likes action games, but i don’t buy the ones that throw tits and ass in my face. I have no problem playing as a male protagonist as long as the female characters are well developed as well. And I’m pretty sure about 30% of gamers are women. so logic, your argument has none.

  5. ostwkrecpvk ha scritto:

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