In  questa pqgina sono selezionati i riferimenti alle pagine, sul web , che contengono gli aiuti più interessanti per l’astrometria di posizione dei pianeti minori :



USNO-A1 Crea una lista di stelle tratte dal catalogo USNO-A1, date la posizione del centro e la dimensione del campo.
SLOP Crea una lista di asteroidi selezionando vari parametri: orbitali, posizionali, fisici e incerti.
HOP Genera una lista di asteroidi osservabili basata sui limiti della propria strumentazione e altre generiche richieste.
CRITLIST Lista dei pianetini critici che necessitano di urgenti osservazioni
MOID Lista di pianetini la cui orbita è vicina a quella dei pianeti maggiori e quindi da essi perturbata.
ASTEPH Genera una effemeride selezionando un asteroide per nome, data inizio e intervallo.
OBS Fornisce una carta che indica quando un asteroide è osservabile basandosi sullo strumento dell’ utilizzatore, la località, la declinazione del pianetino, elongazione, magnitudine e latitudine galattica.
OBSSTRAT Calcola le date per un “piccolo” numero di osservazioni che mancano per numerare un asteroide.
COVERAGE Fornisce una mappa del cielo che mostra dove collocare la survey di un gruppo di pianetini.
ASTFINDER Fornisce la cartina con un pianetino scelto e le stelle circostanti: viene indicato il vettore di direzione e la linea di variazione
ASTPLOT Cartina delle stelle e dei pianetini presenti in una definita regionedi cielo.
ASTORB Per scaricare il file ASTORB.DAT con gli elementi orbitali sempre aggiornati di tutti i pianetini.


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    Thanks for the AMV link, it really capterud the spirit of True Tears. MUST. SHOW. OTHERS. Also, while I’m on an AMV binge (all your fault), here’s a completely random link:Kemonozume to Where is my Mind?’ There surely couldn’t be a more perfect combination!?Suffice to say I agree with your thoughts on Toradora. Ami and Minori are particularly inscrutable at this point, which makes them all the more fascinating to watch.@IcyStorm: I’m sure it’ll maintain this standard until the end. If nothing else, the execution/direction of Toradora has been really consistent so far. I suppose my only concern is that with this being an adaptation of an on-going light novel series, they might suddenly run out of source material/be forced into an open end?@Ryvius: I’ve steadily come to accept Ryuuji’s passive personality as more of an asset. I was really bugged by the manner in which Taiga treated him at first, but he isn’t such a blithering idiot in the vein of someone like Keitaro of Love Hina, rather, it’s almost as if he’s trying to help her by shouldering the worst of her insecurities/issues. We’ll see where it all goes, I guess, but there’s definitely more to Ryuuji than the typically spineless harem lead.@gaguri: Oh well, I can’t really argue with that. Toradora is kind of generic, whether or not you continue with it depends on your attachment to the characters. I think I was hooked by them almost immediately. By the way, it’s always nice to meet an eloquent new anime blogger! You can’t do much better than by starting with an entry on Honey & Clover too. So, I hope to read more from you, gaguri.@Martin: Half way through the first episode? Sounds like you’re almost as jaded as me! My own record for this kind of thing will forever remain Black Cat, which I stopped watching after around 30 seconds of the opening theme of the first episode!@Kairu Ishimaru: A reason that is short and simple, much like Taiga @Wildcard: It’s weird how opinions change over time. I started out really loathing Taiga’s attitude, but I’ve warmed to it over time, while on the other hand, you’re obviously tiring of it. I think I’m probably more forgiving right now because I’m expecting some kind of climax to their relationship sooner or later. Of course, I’ll definitely change my tune if nothing happens between them and Ryuuji’s fate is simply to be the dog’ forever.

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