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  1. Aleman ha scritto:

    i can’t believe i msesid you make a post on Toradora!i find sort of a guilty pleasure in the show. You say that their character types are archetypal and that it’s a bad thing but i don’t think this stereotypical-ness is a bad thing. rather, i think it makes the show. but let me back up and explain myself.after a few years out of the high school, i think i can look back and say that, regardless of how mature or immature i may have been, i and everyone around me were half-formed people: because we were so young, and due to the nature of high school, sheltered from the world, we only had limited resources from which to paint a picture of who we wanted to be . for some this was anime, for many, television or books. That’s why, i think, even in reality, high schoolers lend themselves to fitting into stereotypes: the jock, the nerd, the drama kid. very, very few people in high school have enough experience as people to really have a defined, individual and rounded personality. at that age, we’re all stereotypes, with little glimmers of something more sound familiar? this is what the characters in Toradora show us. they are their stereotypes, but that’s only because they haven’t fully figured out how to balance what they want to be and who they already are. thus, we get someone like Ami, or even Taiga.the beauty of Toradora, for me, is how well they handle this: by playing up the stereotype and the thoughtlessness of the characters, they can play up the conflict within them. in the end, the show is about silly little crushes, but the simplicity of the characters in most situation is exactly how high school is: simple, mindless and usually stereotypical.(i’m making toradora sound much more profound than it really is, i think.)

  2. ahxxtyvp ha scritto:

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  3. ohbtpb ha scritto:

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